Right Sidebar

To the right of The Builder, there are 8 tabs with different functions: Options, Design, Triggers, Analytics, Comments, Experiments, Help, and Chat. When collapsed it looks like this:

Options Tab

The content of The Options Tab will vary according to what you have selected. Here you'll be able to:
  • Change the key of the component, page, or entire flow (the name)
  • Duplicate or delete
  • Select the type of component
  • Select the parent container
  • Add a Tag
  • Add Show/Hide conditions, or just hide components.
  • Change the content
  • Access the "Other Options" and "Advanced" menus.

Design Tab

This is the tab for adding styles to the components. These are the different areas in this tab:

"Choose an element"

Some components are formed by several elements, here you can select which one you want to style. (e.g. in an input box you could style the label, the input, or the whole thing). Components like buttons for example have different states like "hover", "selected", or "disabled". You can style those by clicking on the "Use states" toggle and selecting the state.

"Apply these styles to..."

You can style all components, the component you have selected, components with a specific tag, all components on that page, a specific component or type of component but only on that page, and several other options.


There's a list of all the most commonly used styles so you can easily change them. If you need a specific one that is not on the list, you can always go to the bottom and add a custom style (remember to press enter for it to have an effect, then you can still change it)

Triggers Tab

On this tab you can:
  • Add conversions (Facebook, Gtag, Google, Segment) that get triggered at different moments, according to the component you selected
  • Add Checkpoints (This is still used in some old products but will be soon deprecated)
  • Add data outputs to be triggered at different moments, also according to the selected component (on page load, on page complete, on button click, on payment success, etc)

Analytics Tab

Check your page funnel or all the pages funnel! You can see it as a percentage or as numbers, by clicking the percentage sign that shows at the top of the values. You can set different filters and compare between two different filtered versions.

Comments Tab

Here you can leave comments for other editors, or get feedback on your flow. This is useful for pointing out specific things about a certain page, like typos or style-related. (e.g. "Add more margin below the title", "Maybe we should center this button", etc.)

Experiments Tab

Coming soon!
This one is for creating split tests. Select a page or component, create a new experiment, give it a title, key, and description and then fork the page/component. You can edit the forked component and select the percentage of times you want that variant to show.

Help Tab

This Tab is coming soon!

Chat Tab

This tab will open a chat for you to talk directly to a Savvy Expert!