Work in Progress: How to create a new Split test

In Savvy it’s easy to create split testing experiments for you to know your audience better.

How to create a new split test

  1. Click on the Split Testing button at the Editor Sidebar to open the split testing submenu.

  2. Choose ****the “Create a new test” option.

  3. Name your split test, you can add a description if you want, just click on the “+ Add a description” button, below the input and describe what’s the test about.

  4. Click “Next”.

  5. Make sure you are at the page you want to run this experiment, in this case, we are at the first page of the flow, if you want to make an experiment on another page, you’ll have to change the page manually before from the sidebar button “pages”.

  6. Select the “Whole Page” Option, for now, this is the only option available, in the future, we are adding the “Individual Element” feature.

  • Selecting “Whole Page” means that we are going to generate a duplicate from the page you want to run the experiment, and we are going to show the control page or the variant page depending on the experiment key the user has.

  1. Click “Next”.

  2. Name your control key, this is the base version that variants are compared against.

  3. Click “Next”.

  4. Enter you variant name, this is the readable name of the variant.

  5. Enter your variant key, this is the key of the variant, we will use to show or hide the variant page

  6. Enter your desired weighting for this variant.

  • This means that you can influence the amount of total visitors you want for this variant, in this case we decided to go for a 50% so we have, 50% of our total visitors going through the control version and 50% going through the variant version.

  1. Click save once you are sure that you setted up correctly your variant name, key and weighting.

  2. Select a conversion page.

-This will be the page you consider to be the “conversion page”, which means that you will measure your total visitors against the visitors that reached your conversion page for each variant. 15. Click “Next” after you selected a conversion page. 16. Select the element you want to make a change to. 17. Make a change to the element you selected.

  • This means that you are making a modification on your variant page, in this case we are modifying some text.

  1. After making the changes you want to your variant page (you can make as much changes as you want, you can change more than just one text) click “Save edits”.

  2. Now you can see your experiment.

  • Congratulations! You succesfully created a 50/50 experiment, now if you click on the view buttons on each variant you can see your control page and your variant page, you can even edit the variant page content, name and weigthing if you click the “edit” button.

  1. Click “Send for QA” so we can test your split test before you push your experiment into your production version.

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