📊How to calculate statistical significance from split test

Quick guide on how to calculate the statistical significance of a split test.

  1. In the “Split Testing” sub-menu open the “View current tests” card.

  2. Click the “Analytics” button for the specific split test you want to analyze.

  3. Select a conversion page or create it if the experiment doesn’t yet have one. Then “Save and continue”.

Results may take up to 2 minutes to be calculated and shown.

  1. You can now select a specific time period, and check out the total visitors, conversions, and conversions percentage for that specific period using the two available dropdowns.

  2. Click the “Calculate stat sig” button.

At this point you'll see your experiment data displayed on the Statistical significance calculator card.

The following steps are in revision stage, they might not be accurate.

  1. Choose a level of confidence.

  2. Click the “Calculate” button.

  3. You can now see how your split test has performed over your selected period of time.

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