Work in Progress: How to Add a Video/GIF Placeholder to a Video Component

Note: This page only applies to the Old Rendering Engine - for the New Rendering engine ask a Savvy Expert for help

Sometimes when a video is too heavy it can take a while to load. For that reason, there's an option for showing a short video/gif (a lighter file) as a placeholder while the video loads, and until the user hits "play".

The good news is that it's super easy. Here it is explained in simple steps:

Step 1: Give it a Central Play Button

  • Select your video component

  • Check the "Central Play Button" box on the Configuration Area of the Options Tab, on the Right Sidebar

  • When checking the "Central Play Button" box, the "Placeholder Video / GIF URL" input will appear below the "Video/ Embed URL" input on the Content Area of the Options Tab.

  • You can paste any Video or GIF URL but what we recommend, and the easiest way to do it, is to upload it by clicking the upload button to the left of the "Placeholder Video / GIF URL" input box. That way you can be sure no one is going to change the URL or delete the file.

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