🗒️How to use "Logs" for debugging

Sometimes you need to do some debugging to understand why something unexpected is happening (debugging). Here you'll learn how to do this using event logs.

Where to find event logs:

You can see the event logs by opening the "Logs" card in the "Debug" sub-menu.

Here you can filter by log type just selecting the "Pages", "User Input", "Computed", or "Actions" tabs.

Refreshing logs and "Live mode":

If you have the "Logs" card open and you are interacting with the page, new logs are being generated but you are not going to see them unless you refresh the "Logs" card or activate the live mode.

  • Refreshing: To refresh the logs card just click the refresh icon at the top right corner of the card.

  • Live mode: To activate the live mode just click the lightning icon. When active you'll see it green and new events are going to be shown automatically.

Deleting logs:

Sometimes you'll want a fresh start with no logs just to have a more clear view of what happens when you do X action in your flow.

To delete all logs just click on the "Clear logs" icon in the top right corner by the "Refresh" icon. You'll then need to confirm deleting by clicking "Yes" in a popup warning.

Recording computed field logs:

By default computed field logs are not recorded.

To activate the computed field logs recording you need to:

  1. Go to the "Computed" tab.

  2. Click on the "Start recording CFs" icon at the top right corner, right by the "Live mode" lightning icon.

Once activated the recording would continue until you stop it by clicking the same button again. While recording is active the icon would be red.

Event snapshot:

The event snapshot is a snapshot of all user data at the moment right after the event happened.

To open the snapshot of a specific event you just need to click the "View User Data Snapshot" placed inside the event summary card. By clicking on any value inside the snapshot you'll automatically get a copy of that variable value to your clipboard.

Computed field logs have 2 snapshots, one to see the user data after the CF execution and another to see how the user data state was right before

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