🦚How to style components (basics)

Styling components is what we do maybe most of the time. Here you'll learn the basics about how to style with our builder.

  1. In the "Edit" sub-menu, click the brush icon to open up the "Designer" card.

  2. Select the component you want to style.

To style a component it should always have a tag.

  1. If the component doesn’t yet have a tag: a. Click on “Add a Tag” and write a tag name in the “Add a tag to this component” input. b. Search for an existent tag and select it, or press "Enter" to create a new one.

  2. Select the property you want to set. CSS properties are grouped by categories in a couple tags (Size, Spacing, Position, etc...).

  3. Set a value for the desired property.

  4. When you feel you have finished styling your component, click the “Done” button to close the card.

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