Options Card

Quick guide to get started on how to set up the options for your flow components.

Almost everything, not style related, you might want to give a custom setting would be found in this card. Watch the interactive video to learn more about it or if you prefer, read the detailed description below it.


Options Card

This is the whole Options card.

Duplicate Component

By clicking on the right top corner icon you can create a duplicate of the component you have selected. The new component would be placed by default right after the selected one.

Component Key

In this input, you'll be able to view and edit the selected component key (Keep in mind that a good practice is to never repeat keys).

Component Type

From this dropdown menu, you'll be able to change the selected component type.

Card Tabs

These tabs group options in a couple categories to make it easier to find the option you are looking for.

Position Tab

The "Position" tab, contains the options to move your components around. You can change the component parent container, or move the component up and down step by step.

Configuration Tab

The options shown here and in some other tabs would differ depending on the component type you have selected. Also the tabs you'll see would depend on the same.

Content Tab

The options on this tab change a lot depending on the selected component type, they are all related to the component content. The ones you can see in the image on the left correspond to a button.

Show/Hide Tab

In this tab, you can view, edit, create, or remove components show/hide conditions. The "Working with Logic" guide will dig deeper into this.

Buttons Tab

From here you can change things like the buttons' text, key, action when clicked, etc. If the component you've selected is an options selector you can access to edit these properties for each button or even add or remove buttons.

More Tab

And last, but not least. The "More" tab. Here you'll find some advanced or not-so-common options depending on the type of component as always. For most components here you'll only find the "Delete" button and "Element ID" input. In the image here you are seeing the options for a whole page.

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