👁️How to set show/hide conditions

Sometimes you need to show or hide certain elements depending on a user's answer or other variable data. In this tutorial, you'll learn how easy would be to achieve this using our builder.

Conditions are based on variables, these variables could be user inputs or other data like location or URL parameters. In this example we are basing out conditions on a user's input.

Conditions are always set when to show, meaning the component is going to be shown when the condition returns TRUE.

  1. With the "Designer" card opened, select the element you want to set the condition for.

  2. In the "Show/hide" tab of the "Designer" card, click the "Add condition" button.

  3. In the first dropdown, select from the list of component keys the variable on which the condition is going to be based.

  4. Then select an operator from the second dropdown. (E.g.

  5. Depending on the operator you've selected you might also need to set a third parameter for the condition like in this example case (the "Option 2" button)

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