Left Sidebar

There's a vertical bar on the left side of the builder, with 7 tabs: Add, Pages, Layers, Computed, Data, Schema, and Settings.

Add Tab

At the top of this tab, you'll be able to select between components or pages and add the one you choose to the builder.

Page Previews Tab

  • At first, it will be empty, but with the Add Tab Button, you can fill it with Pages, Components, Global Components, Computed Fields, and Data Outputs.
  • By the end of the process, it will look something like the picture on the right. You can click and select the pages as if you were editing a PowerPoint document.
  • When selecting a page, you'll be able to edit it or edit its components.

Layers Tab

  • On top of this bar you can select to see only the current page, or the whole product.
  • On the current page you'll only see the components inside the page
  • If you select "All" you'll have access to the "Entire Flow" settings, all the components in all the pages, global components, computed fields and data outputs.
  • And when selecting a component, you'll be able to edit its content, styles, or configuration.

Computed Tab

This tab is for creating and managing computed fields. When selecting one you'll have access to its settings on the Options tab of the Right Sidebar.

Data Tab

Same as the computed tab, this one is for creating, managing, and selecting different Data Outputs, that you can then edit on the Options tab of the Right Sidebar.

Schema Tab

Here you'll get access to:
  • The "Reset User Data" button, which allows you to reset the data that you inputted on the preview or interact mode of the builder.
  • The "Schow Schema" button, that shows the whole User Data Schema. (This is the available info to send as a data output)
  • The value that every key has taken so far.

Settings Tab

This will take you directly to the entire product settings in the Options Tab