Options for storing User Data in Savvy

When users go through a Flow, their data (both their answer + any Computed Fields) are stored in Savvy. Sometimes there are good reasons not to store certain data in Savvy.

When to avoid storing Keys in Database?

  • When we collect a huge amount of Data, and we don't need it
  • When we use Computed Fields to display text or information
  • When we handle personal or health information, according to the HIPPA compliance.

How to avoid storing Keys in Database?

  • Each component of the flow (including Computed Fields) has storage options.
Storage options
  1. 1.
    Save to Local Storage + Firebase
  2. 2.
    Save to Local Storage
  3. 3.
    Don´t save

When saving to Local Storage + Firebase?

  • When we have data that we need to save in order to ....

When saving to Local Storage?

  • When we have data that we will probably need again in the future, in order to avoid refetching.