Repeatable Components

Note: This page only applies to the Old Rendering Engine - for the New Rendering engine ask a Savvy Expert for help
A Repeatable Component is, as their name implies, a component that will be repeated several times in a page, according to a certain key and probably linked to a computed field

What are Repeatable Components used for?

  • Repeating components that share the same structure but change content.
  • Displaying a certain component x times, depending on the output of a computed field.

Can any component turn into a Repeatable Component?

  • Yes, we can add this property to every component on the Flow, excluding Heading Labels, Titles, and Subtitles.

How do I add them?

Repeatable components are configured in the 🎚 Editor Sidebar in the Config Panel.
  • Once we have created our New component selecting the option +New Component
  • And after applying a Key to the component a new Menu will display, in which we will find a Optional - Repeater Key
  • We need to choose which Key to repeat in order to display this component the x amount of times.
This Key will probably be defined by the result of a Computed Field, in order for this to display properly the Computed Field should return an array of objects. Each object of this array will become the content for a new Repeatable Component.
The example below will display 5 Components, as it has 5 objects inside of the array, of course this is hardcoded for illustrative purposes