Connecting Calendly

This Component allows us to book meetings with Calendly Integration.

Step 1: Create a Calendly Meeting Booker Component

  • Click on the Add button on the Right Sidebar and go to the components tab
  • Select Calendly Meeting Booker

Step 2: Connect it with your Account

  • Add your Calendly URL in the EmbedUrl input field

Step 3: Connect the User's Data with Calendly

Our Calendly integration connects automatically with two keys:
  • name: This would be the complete name. If for some reason you're asking for first_name and last_name, or full_name, and you want to keep it that way for (for example) Data Output reasons, you can always create a computed field with the name key that returns the full name of the user, and that will do the trick.
  • email: Same as name, if for some reason you need the input field key to be something different, you can create a computed field called email that returns the user's email address.
With those keys returning their proper values everything should be ready to go!