All Components

Components are the constituting parts of flows. There are 3 types of components: static, user input and integrations.

Types of component:

Static components:

  • Plain Text:
  • Rich Text:
  • Image / GIF:
    • It accepts an image or GIF upload, or
    • the URL of the Image//GIF can be pasted
    • It can take the image from a key,
  • Video / Embed:
  • Component Container: read here

User input:

  • Input
  • Address
  • Option Selector
  • File Upload
  • Button


  • Book Meeting
  • Stripe Checkout
  • Register for Meeting
  • Custom Auth
  • Video Call (Daily: Co)

How to add a component

Step 1:

Click on "+ New Component" on your flow's page.

Step 2:

Give the component a key.

Step 3:

Select the type of component.
To learn about global components and how to add them read 🌎 Global Components