How to Write Docs

This doc details how to write pages in this documentation. Most pages starts with an info box like this one, that defines the topic of the page.

Doc titles

  • Always start with an emoji and then a space
  • Title Case, with 'small' words ("and", "into", "the", "a", "to" etc) in lowercase
  • Ideally max 6 words

How to write a step-by-step process

Step 1: Introduce it with a Heading 1, like the one above

  • This usually starts with "How to..."

Step 2: Use Heading 2's for each step

  • Start them with "Step X: "
  • Summarise what you do in the step

Step 3: Use bullet points to detail exactly what the user should do

  • The bullet points contain all the information
  • You can use sub-bullet points for:
    • Extra information
    • A sub-step
    • Examples
  • You can include images/screenshots if that helps
    • Though avoid screenshots of the builder sidebar as most users won't see this
The rest of this doc is coming soon!