Savvy's New Rendering Engine

Savvy's powerful new engine is live and now powering tens of thousands of end-users every day - get your questions answered in this guide.

Is the new engine ready?

The new engine is live with multiple companies, powering tens of thousands of end-users. 95% of Savvy features are now working in the new engine - the remaining 5% of features will be implemented in the coming weeks + months.

What features won't yet work on the new engine?

The following features don't yet work on the new engine:
  • Repeatable components
  • Custom validation formulas
  • Certain context functions like setUserData() in code blocks, in certain places
  • Certain other niche features
    • Output Subscription Id to User Data

How can I view/upgrade my flow on the new engine?

Most flows require a few upgrades from the Savvy team to work properly on the new engine. Ask a Savvy team member and they can give you an idea of how soon we can upgrade your flow. Before then, the flow will probably look weird/broken if you view it on the new engine

How can I view it on the new engine anyway?

Note that if you view a flow on the new engine that hasn't been upgraded by the Savvy team then it will almost certainly look weird/broken!