Intro to the Builder

Quick explanation of the different areas and menus of The Builder
The Builder is the part of Savvy where the Micro-products come to life. At first sight, it might seem a little bit overwhelming, but after taking the tour through our docs, you'll find yourself at home.

We can divide the builder into four main areas:

1. The Top Bar

Some things you can do on this bar:
  • Save the flow, and take a look at the versions' history.
  • Change from edit mode to preview or interact mode.
  • Select full, tablet, or mobile view.
For more details on the Top Bar go here:

2. The Left Sidebar

More things you can do, but on this bar:
  • Create new Pages, Components, Global Components, Computed Fields, and Data Outputs.
  • View and move all the components in the pages.
  • Manage Computed Fields and Data Outputs.
For more details on the Left Sidebar go here:

3. The Preview Pane

In this pane, all your work comes to life. Some things you can do here:
  • View how the design is going page by page.
  • Select components you want to change or move around.
  • Also create, duplicate or delete components.
For more details on The Preview Pane go here:

4. The Right Sidebar

Some things you can do on this other bar:
  • Style your Pages, Components, and the whole Flow!
  • Manage content and settings of everything.
  • Leave comments on flows in the building process.
  • Manage triggers and view analytics.
For more details on the Right Sidebar go here: