Data Outputs

To be able to work with most of our integrations, you'll need to create a Data Output. There you'll be able to edit, and set the proper configuration for it.

What is a Data Output?

The components that are meant to send data from the Micro-Product to some other app, database, API, webhook, etc., are what we call Data Outputs. They work hand to hand with triggers. You can set the Data Outputs to be Triggered at specific points of the Micro-Product that you choose, and they can send the data that's been gathered so far.

Some Examples

  • Send the recollected data to Airtable for storing and managing it.
  • Connect the Micro-Product with Zapier, for creating automations using the user's data.
  • Set up a Sendgrid data output for sending emails to the user, or for notifications for yourself.
  • Write your own custom code to be executed wherever you set the trigger.