How to Prefill Answers into a Micro-Product

You can set Micro-Products to prefill + skip questions if your users have already self-selected that answer by the time they reach the Flow.
Flows are designed to be re-used in multiple places. Sometimes a Flow is useful in a situation where the user has already effectively answered one or more questions in the Flow. Common scenarios include:
  • Arriving at the Flow (in a popup or on a new page) from a specific page on your marketing site that already segments your user (e.g. from a specific industry page)
  • Arriving at the Flow (in a popup or on a new page) by clicking on a specific button that self-selects the user (e.g. choosing a value prop from a few options)
To avoid the user having to enter or re-enter information we already know, you can set a Flow to hide or skip that question and prefill the answer that the user has effectively already given.

Methods of prefilling

Fields can be prefilled in 3 ways:
  • Adding params to the URL (e.g. /get-started?industry=biotech)
  • Adding an attribute to the embed code (e.g. <savvy-flow id="abcdef" industry="biotech">)
  • Adding an attribute to a button that triggers a Popup Flow (e.g. <button savvy_flow_industry=biotech> (See 📤Setting up Popup Flows)


Step 1: Turn on Prefilling for that field

  • This means that the field will allow itself to be prefilled
  • Go to EntireFlow ---> Advanced
"Entire Flow" on the top left corner
"Advanced" in the options tab to the right
  • Add the keys you need to the URL KEYS Option

Step 2: Set up the trigger for the prefill

Step 3 (Optional): Set the Flow to hide/skip any prefilled questions

  • This means any fully-completed pages will be hidden/skipped (e.g. the user will start on page 2 of the Flow)
  • Ask Savvy to do this for you

Using Webflow for Step 2

URL Params method

Use the URL option instead of Page when specifying your page link, so that you can add the URL params onto the end of the link.
For example, in Webflow if you wanted to pre-answer Question 1 ("What brand do you want to buy?") with the answer "Nike", you would add a custom link to /mypage?brand=nike

Embed code method

Wherever you embed the code (it could be site-wide custom code, page-wide custom code or a HTML Embed), just update with the extra attribute.

Attribute method

  • Select the button that triggers the Flow. Then use the Custom Attributes box (underneath the Link Settings, inside Element Settings) to add an attribute to the button.
  • The attribute to add contains both the key of the field that you're prefilling and the value that you want to prefill it with. If you wanted to prefill the company_type field with the value software then the attribute would be savvy_flow_company_type="software". That means typing savvy_flow_company_type and software into the boxes in Webflow.
    • Important: If you're trying to set a value of an OptionSelector (e.g. option buttons or a dropdown) then you should use the key of the option or button, not the text. E.g. software not Software
(See 📤Setting up Popup Flows for more info on Popup Flows)