How to use Airtable as a Database
If you need to use big chunks of information on your Micro-Product, and you need that information to come from the users, the best way to do it is by accessing and modifying a database. We can do that by combining Airtable as a Data Output and fetching data from the same table.

Step 1: Add Airtable as a Data Output

  • Install the integration
  • Create the Data Output
  • Add your base ID
  • Map the keys
  • Trigger it!
  • All the detailed steps in the following doc:

Step 2: Fetch Data from Airtable's API

  • Get your Fetch URL from Airtable
  • Create the computed field
  • Fetch!

Creating Repeatable Buttons From the Fetch Results

  • Create and prepare your button
  • Transform the data
  • Style it
  • Show selected one